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We had a fantastic experience with Chad as a realtor!

We were lucky enough to be paired with him through the VA loan process. I am even more grateful for him after hearing some friends’ experiences with their realtors. Chad was always helpful and attentive, even doing his best to try to get us in to see homes that we had sent him the same afternoon! He was super responsive always responding to our requests or questions in a reasonable time. He was also very understanding and worked hard to accommodate our preferences in a home. At the same time, he always made sure to be real with us and address future issues he saw with homes, which we really appreciate. If I were to do this process again or if a friend were to ask me, I would 100% recommend working with Chad!

Austin M : 2021

Chad is a wonderful realtor.

He was incredibly helpful through every step of the home buying process. On more than one occasion I requested a viewing and we showed up and I knew almost immediately that it was going to be a no and Chad never made me feel as though I wasted his time. In fact, he was always reassuring that it was just me learning what I didn’t want. He always found the answers to my questions and he was able to make himself available more than I thought he might be able to. I can’t wait to recommend him to all of my friends that may need a realtor but for now, I will highly recommend him to all of you.

Erin R in 2021



Debbie & Nicky J in 2021

Chad, you have been the best.

It's been a pleasure to work with you. I've always appreciated your willingness to work through the challenges I've had. You have a good way of working through things. Good luck with your future.

Carole H in 2020

My husband and I had a very tight timeline when house hunting because we wanted to be in a new house before I had surgery.

Chad worked very hard to find and show us homes and paid very close attention to what we did and didn't want in a home. It did not take Chad long to find us the perfect home. We were able to close on our house fairly quickly because of how well Chad prepared us and everyone worked very closely to get us to close. It didn't matter what day of the week or the time of day, Chad was always available. We appreciate all his hard work and dedication.

Taisha L in 2021

We couldn't have been more grateful to work with Chad!

He had our best interest in mind during every step of the house hunting & buying process. We were new to the area and Chad did a great job at showing us around and making us feel at home. Throughout the whole process Chad was super helpful and he guided us every step of the way. With our house being an older house, he was quick to help research the different aspects of our home to make sure it was fit for our growing family. We would recommend Chad to anyone looking in Augusta!

Daniel C in 2021

Chad is a one of a kind realtor.

He was able to stay focused, contained, and met all paperwork requirements, any and all questions I had during the whole process. In addition to his other workload, and the craziest market in a while, he was able to look at homes and dedicate his time to me like I was his only customer. IT was definitely an adventure. I highly recommend Chad to whoever is looking for an excellent realtor.

Daniel D in 2021

I usually try to keep reviews short and sweet; however, Chad is the exception.

He doesn't try to sell you on a house. Even with this market being so crazy, I repeatedly heard from him, don't "settle"on a house. He understands that buying a house is a big decision and he's committed to helping you find the house that YOU like, period. He listens. Although I was looking for a house in Augusta, I lived in Atlanta. Through mere conversation, he knew the style of house that I was lookin goer and what would/would not be acceptable. Bottom line, he didn't waste my time showing me houses that were unacceptable, in hopes of making a sale. Chad is hard working. I would think of a question as early as 6 a.m. or as late as 11 p.m., and get an immediate response. He's knowledgeable. I felt comfortable asking him any real estate related questions. Now the above is just his business ethics. On a personal side, working withChad you feel like he's family. He has a great sense of humor and is just good "peeps" all around. If Clients could give the best realtor award, Chad would win hands down!!!!

Dale F in 2021

Chad Trollinger is professional but also friendly, especially when it came to first-time house buyers like me.

He helped me understand how the housing market work and made recommendations off the information I gave him. in which I was able to buy my first home in the price range and requirements that suite me.

Jeffrey A in 2021

Chad is a PHENOMENAL realtor.

I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. He is patient, kind, responsive, and willing to go above and beyond to help. He helped us purchase our first home in the midst of the craziest real estate season. We loved the service Chad provided and are so happy with our new home. 10/10. 5 stars. Chad is the man!

Courtney K in 2021

Chad truly lived up to his goal of being a "servant leader".

Chad was always positive and enjoyable to work with. He was willing to listen to all of our requests and did everything that he could to implement them. He regularly communicated with the selling agents, contractors, and mortgage lender in order to ensure constant communication and a smooth buying process. An example of him going over and beyond is when he virtually showed a house, via phone, when we were out of town. I would recommend him to anyone who is in the market to buy or sell.

Scott and Laura M in 2020

Chad is an amazing realtor!

He listened to what our needs were. We were unfamiliar with the area and he helped us navigate some nice areas with great schools for our kids. We trusted his advice being out of state while house hunting. He did everything we asked and so much more! Our family now has an amazing home because of Chad's hardworking and dedication. We were glad to have him as a realtor and now a friend.

Jana S in 2021

Chad is an outstanding, consummate professional and an all around great person!

We were connected with Chad through Veterans United. He served as our realtor in both selling our current home and purchasing another home. There's not anything more that we could ask for from a realtor. Chad was very thoughtful, attentive to detail, and listened to our needs. We had multiple offers on our home within a few days and Chad was able to help us find a new home that was everything we asked for. Chad has a personality that makes you feel as if you are a close friend or member of the family. I would recommend Chad to anyone that is interested in purchasing or selling a home.

John M in 2021

Chad Trollinger went above and beyond to help me and my family find our new home in SC while we were in CA.

He made himself available to us on our schedule, and was quick to provide information and assistance. Chad has set the bar for other Realtors very very high. We are transitioning now from CA to SC and Chad has stayed in touch with us and even helped us with house related concerns after the final close on the home. 1000% will (and have) recommend his services to others.

Jamison M in 2021

This was my first time buying a home and I can't imagine a better experience.

Chad assisted me from the very beginning when I was trying to figure out if buying a home was a possibility, all the way to sitting next to me at the signing. I walked away from this experience with a deeper knowledge of the process and a beautiful home. Chad treated me like a family member. He made sure that I was making the best decisions for the present and future. All of his advice was extremely helpful and he all of his connections throughout the city helped me as well. If you want to buy a home and not suffer through a grueling process, Chad is the man to call!

Jessie H in 2021

Chad has been awesome for my family and I in a search for our forever home.

He took us through many homes and never pushed anything on us, he was always there to answer questions and make sure we knew everything going into a new home. Thanks again Chad for all the help and the kids say hello!!! Would recommend Chad 10/10 times to anyone looking to buy in the area!

Joel Z in 2021

There are simply not enough words in the English language to describe how awesome of a realtor, and man, Chad Trollinger is.

.. He is the absolute best! In the midst of a pandemic and an insane real estate market, Chad was monumental in finding our first home. From the beginning and throughout, he was nothing but professional and energetic with the genuine desire to serve. Service is in this guys D.N.A along with a positive attitude and an insane work ethic. If you're looking for somebody that genuinely wants to serve and truly cares about his clients and their interests, you needn't look any further... Chad's your man!

Charles K in 2021

Chad was someone who I felt I could trust and he put my interest as priority

Bruce C in 2021

You are a great asset to the benefit of us all.

Thanks for being such a positive person and for bringing so much value to our community. I appreciate your friendship and expertise very much.

Jeff A in 2020

Chad was very outstanding at his job of helping find the perfect home.

He always understood my requirements and ensured that any property we looked at met my standards. Although he had other clients, he insured that he made time for me in order for me to meet my timeline. He work late at night and early in the morning in order too help his clients. I would strongly recommend Chad to anyone that is in the market for buying a home. Thanks Chad, you’re the best at your job and a new friend.

James W in 2021

Chad is the most amazing realtor!

My husband and I were purchasing our first home in South Carolina while we were stationed in California and he went far above and beyond all expectations in making this a positive experience. He was always available to talk, even though he was 3 hours ahead of us. He did video tours of homes at a moment's notice and even recorded walk throughs so my family could look at them later. He made us feel like we were his only clients and we're always a priority. I absolutely recommend Chad to every person looking to purchase a home. He is the best in the business!!

Angie M in 2021

Chad helped my husband and I sell our first home and helped to make the process less stressful than it could have been.

We are grateful for his help and appreciate his integrity and commitment to do things the right way. He helped in several ways that we weren't expecting like having our yard mowed for us after we had already moved the lawn mower out without us asking which was very appreciated. We recommend him to anyone wanting to sell their home.

Alyssa H in 2021

I can't imagine there's a better realtor out there.

Even though my family and I were on the other side of the country, Chad navigated a challenging seller's market to find us the right home. He quickly earned our trust and proved to be invaluable in the home buying process.

Beau S in 2021

Chad is an excellent agent that shows genuine care and concern for his clients.

He takes their interests when purchasing or selling a home as his own, making him a great advocate for them. His great attitude and precision are qualities that greatly benefits the people who get to work with him.

David P in 2020

We are happy homeowners thanks to Chad!

If you need a no nonsense, professional realtor who will listen to your needs, not waste your time (or money) and get the job done right. I highly recommend contacting him if you need to buy or sell your home.

Vivy H in 2021

I love Chad's willingness to try anything when it comes to marketing property.

He really has a go-to attitude making him an asset during the entire buying and selling process.

Jamie B in 2020

Chad worked tirelessly through the heat and at all times of the day.

He even worked in time for us around his family responsibilities. Even though we had several priorities which made finding a home difficult in the are we wanted, Chad avoided expressing any negative ideas about our search and was always willing to listen and help us sort through all the issues that came up. He kept the process cheerful and upbeat. He provided us with up-to-date printouts about each property he showed us and spend several long days viewing this properties at our request. Whenever there was something that needed serious discussion we were able to do so via Zoom meetings which were helpful since all three of us were in different areas of the country. After making an offer, we were able to deal with most the paperwork online. When the offer was accepted, he sent a timeline to help us keep on track throughout the buying process and provided a list of utility websites in order to transition services from the previous homeowners. After the closing, he followed up with us by texts, calls and email to see how the move went. We feel that Chad really cares about the home buyers he works with and that the relationship we developed didn't end after the ink on the contract dried. We whole-heartedly recommend him!!

Jules & Patricia N in 2020

Chad recently helped us sale our house and we honestly couldn't have gotten it done without him.

As I had already started my new job out of town, Chad stepped in and helped us get a lot of things done to get the house ready for the market and ready to sell. He found and arranged handymen and contractors for us. He met worker at our house to ensure the work was done and many more things. Chad definitely goes the extra mile. Oh! Did I mention we got full asking price in 48 hours?

Kevin B in 2021

Chad was fantastic and went above and beyond all expectations.

Really friendly guy who knows his stuff and wants what is best for you. Made my first time home buying process a breeze and will gladly recommend him to any looking for a realtor. 11/10

Izaac P in 2021

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